Thursday, June 29, 2017

Somehow, this ended without Picard getting his back broke.

Let's see here: the Tholians, from "the Tholian Web," the Borg removed from the Collective seen in "Descent," Riker's dad from "the Icarius Factor," and Bane from Batman: Knightfall...hey, wait a minute! From 1995, Star Trek: the Next Generation #75, "War and Madness, part five: Cry Havoc" Written by Michael Jan Friedman, pencils by Gordon Purcell, inks by Terry Pallot.

This was the conclusion to a five-parter, with a rogue band of Borg, missing their old Collective, commandeer a Klingon ship after its crew dies of radiation poisoning. With the ship and their technology, the Borg go after the Tholians, since the Klingons' records indicated they also had a hivemind, biological instead of technological. The Tholians actually didn't anymore, not in centuries, but the Borg keep attacking Tholian outposts and kidnapping them for experiments. Meanwhile, the Tholians think the Klingons are moving into their territory, and are on the verge of war. Picard and the Enterprise are sent to iron the whole mess out, made somewhat more difficult since they're all a bit high strung anyway.

For good measure, "Enab," the leader of the rogue Borg, is based on Bane, the Batman villain! No particular reason, just because.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Wow, DC really let this one fly? Huh. I guess this is as perfect time as any for "Enab" to show up int eh new rebooted DCU;)