Thursday, February 01, 2018

I'm more excited to see Black Panther than Solo, but don't feel bad.

And all my Black Panther comics are in my garage, but for today we've got 2016's Han Solo #1, written by Marjorie Liu, art by Mark Brooks.

This was a fun little mini-series, set before Empire, with Han not quite a rebel, but seemingly not ready to go back to the smuggling life either. Then comes a mission from Princess Leia, to run a space race called the Dragon Void, as a cover to pick up some Rebel agents. But will the challenge of the race be more than Han can resist?

As happens sometimes, I have only a vague idea how I got the whole series here. Comic show maybe? Still, I'm glad I ended up with it, and am looking forward to Solo: A Star Wars Story... cut that out! Actually, is there even a Solo trailer yet? Seems like there should've been one, yet honestly, I'm not really watching the BP one either, 'cause I like to avoid all the spoilers I can!

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