Wednesday, December 06, 2023


Ugh, so much shiny black, on a shiny black set, great planning there. Who are our new Punishers? One is who you think, sure; the other probably isn't; neither are rocking their usual color schemes today.

Also, if the mobsters seem a little 'whatever' about Rose threatening them, they probably are; since they probably hear threats like that from each other all the time. 


Mr. Morbid said...

I’m legit saddened & disappointed that I sold my black and white Deadpool figure bc now I can’t replicate that inspirational head swap. Seriously don’t know how I didn’t think to that too.

Also, hurray for Wade being back!?
I mean it is year’s end, so isn’t he contractually obligated to show up one more time before 2023’s over?

CalvinPitt said...

Aw crap, Masque got Tony Stark sauced and convinced him to be her Iron Punisher, didn't she? Someone update the "Days since Tony messes up" board!

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...