Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This is only a test...

So. After reading a metric assload of blogs, and posting comments hither and yon, I decided to get off my ass and try my own blog. Why not? These first few posts are just going to be me testing things like font, type size, how to attach photos and links and things a third-grader can probably do now.

In the background, the season finale of Lost is on. I don't catch it regularly, partly because I got fed up with the overall plot never moving forward, and partly because local reception for ABC is terrible. Seriously, I used to live in Montana, and the same channel came in better than it does here, and I've never been able to figure out why. This is in font, as a test.

Testing Georgia: my problem with Lost was that I was more concerned with how to get off the island, what the monster was, and so forth; and less concerned with everyone's individual backstories. Yes, I'm sure that was a very interesting chapter in your life, and I can see how it shaped who you are today, but I'm a little more worried about the fucking polar bear, thanks.

Testing Webdings: The last season finale, specifically losing Walt, did get to me. (I have two weiner kids, so there you go.) More recently, 24 ended with Jack captured by the Chinese and put on the proverbial slow boat, where he will remain until new episodes in January. I'm not sure about this, but did X-Files start this tradition of leaving your protagonists up shit creek for the summer? Actually, on further thought, Star Trek: the Next Generation did it earlier, leaving Picard as a Borg. Oh, and spoiler warning.

Testing Arial: Ah, don't know about that one.

Testing Lucidia Grande: Anyway, it's a pretty standard trick from soap operas and comic books; and they weren't the first things with cliffhanger endings anyway. But, my wife is home, and wants to watch the last half of Lost downstairs where there's some reception, so more later. Probably not about anything that's been discussed yet, but that's no great loss.

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