Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is...
A. The worst slash fiction ever.

B. About $90 worth of plastic. Shh! Don't tell my wife!

C. The last crossover Lucas, Whedon, Mignola, and all sign off on sight unseen.

D. Alex Ross, if you read this, wouldn't this make a great Wizard cover or commemorative plate or something? I'll come model!

A lot of this blog is going to be about toys. Why?

Partly, simply because I enjoy toys. Collecting, displaying, playing with, torturously hunting for, reading about, and admiring sculpt and artistic merit: I like toys in a number of ways. Pretty snooty, eh?

Another reason, and one you can read into what you will, is that with toys, you're in control. With comics and movies and TV, enjoyable as they may be, they are all the result of other people telling you a story; and those writers, artists, and filmmakers are in charge. (To varying extents, of course. Actors quit, artists quit, writers are fired or overridden by producers or budget concerns. But that's another post, perhaps.)

With toys though, you're in charge; and you can be the writer or director or God. Want Nightcrawler to quit the X-Men for the B.P.R.D.? Why not? Need to see Robocop on the Enterprise? Go nuts! Want Darth Vader to be a kickass Sith Lord, not a whiny little nancy that will recant on his deathbed? Stop watching after Star Wars and Empire.

You may also notice that with toys, you can cross over properties that usually don't go, or can't go together. To be blunt: I would have an easier time orchestrating a lasting peace in the Middle East, starting now and leaving on foot; than I would getting licensing rights to put all of the above characters together in a movie, comic, or cocktail napkin. The days of a company like Mego owning a variety of licenses like Marvel, DC, and Happy Days, are long gone for the most part.

The last reason for right now, is that I'm trying to get back in the habit of writing on a regular basis. Toys and comics and assorted nonsense, are going to be easier to write about than politics and serious issues, at least right away. I completely reserve the right to throw a fit about any given topic at the drop of a hat; but mostly we'll stick to nonsense for right now. Enjoy, and be good.

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