Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is...
A. Probably Puck's finest hour.
B. How Canada ruined dwarf tossing for everyone else.
C. Two toys not in scale, but it's a midget and a sasquatch, so I figure it's a grey area at best.
D. Why Alpha Flight got cancelled. Again.

Puck is from Toy Biz's earlier Marvel line, which I believe was a five inch scale. Sasquatch, the big orange one, is from the more recent Marvel Legends line. I haven't read Alpha Flight regularly since a few issues back in the original series, with a young Jim Lee and the return of Guardian. Marvel tries to float a new series of the premier Canadian super hero team every few years, with varying success, as the most recent was Scott Lobdell's ill-received comedy version.
More recently, Alpha Flight was wiped out off-panel in New Avengers. I haven't kept up on it, so I don't know if it was the "real," original Alpha Flight with Puck and Sasquatch; or the more recent one with Major Maple Leaf...

In comic books, just like in movies or sports or probably your office, there's definitely an A-list. In comics that would be the characters everyone recognizes like Superman, Batman, or Spider-Man. Calling Alpha Flight B-list would be overly generous, but they're a solid, if lower-tier group. I often think DC Comics has a stronger base of B-list, whereas Marvel has the A-list, then reams of mutants of varying levels, then D-list. Think Jack Flag and Free Spirit.

The moral of this? I don't know if I'd buy Alpha Flight's fourth or fifth first issue, but I would miss them if they're gone.

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Shablagoo! said...

Sasquatch, it has to be said is a fine figure.