Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How to get killed:

Step 1: If you're not a member of the Challengers of the Unknown, force your way onto one of their missions. For best results, try and make it a mission into space!
Usually, step 1 will do the job by itself...
Step 2: Betray the Challs, and earth, to the first alien monster you see.
Even if you had never seen an alien before, has this ever worked, ever?
Step 3: Repeat when...oh, never mind.
Oh, don't act so shocked!
Don't worry, you will be remembered!
For maybe the rest of the issue...
This was from a flashback issue from the late 90's version of the Challs: Challengers of the Unknown #16, "Today is a long time coming" Written by Steven Grant, art by Mike Zeck (pictured) and John Paul Leon (the framing sequences), inks by Denis Rodier (pictured) and Bill Reinhold (framing). This series was mostly new, X-Files styled Challengers, with occasional appearances by and stories from the originals. The old-school Challengers appearances were set around the times they were originally published, the late fifties and on. That setup seems like the way to go with the characters, even if no one wants to accept that Rocky, Red, Ace, Prof, and June would all be a little long in the tooth in that case.
The only thing cooler than drinking with a Challenger would be with a Blackhawk, but my old, holey liver spasmed at the very idea.
I don't have all the issues of the 90's version, but I'm wondering if the underlying conspiracy of the book was ever resolved; or like X-Files, it was strung on for too long to be wrapped up. I also want to reread the Howard Chaykin "reimagining" now, too.

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