Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just a quick entry here: Deadpool's helmet is from the Thor in the original Avengers box set a few years back. The top of his head fell off in storage, which made me think of this whole thing.

The cape's from a Steel figure, from the Superman: Man of Steel line, also late 90's. Been breaking my legs trying to find the new Steel DC Heroes figure lately, and so far no dice.

There's another Deadpool swipe moment from early in the series, Ed McGuiness art, that I've been dying to set up for months. Except I couldn't get the harness and swords off of 'Pool until I um, broke them. They'll glue back.

And now, with mine sacred hammer...Mujeebur...

And hopefully later today, if I'm lucky, the Oldest and I will give another big fight a try; this time, one that didn't occur in the comics but should've: the creative team instead used a better known monster, but one that I hate. I'll probably have to stage the figures outside though, this one is going to get messy. I say this in the hopes it'll motivate me to get to 'work' and not spend the day catching up on Heroes or yard sales or working out or some damn thing.

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SallyP said...

Ooh ooh, Action figures! I once bought the Mego Thor figure, waaaaay back when, and then the little bastards that I was babysitting for,snapped his legs off. I considered doing the same, but figured their parents would object.