Monday, May 28, 2007

Today on Creature Feature, "Walt Simonson vs. the 9-Panel Grid!"
Yes, he cheats a little, but you cram those monsters into a single panel.
Slacking off for the holiday, but here's a page from Video Jack #6, written/plotted by Cary Bates, plotted by Keith Giffen, art by Walt Simonson. It wasn't a very successful series, but damnit if Epic didn't used to try some new stuff. Simonson isn't an artist I usually think of for working in the 9-panel grid page style, although I've seen him cram a ton of smaller panels per page; usually head shots, like in Star Slammers or Orion. Coming up later though: some of the best panels of that style. Soon.

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I'm thinking Silver Surfer: Requiem or Hellboy: Darkness Calls for the issue this week.

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