Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Things fall apart.
I don't think even Roy Thomas could string these together into something coherent.
No blogging yesterday, but I swear I had a good reason. Funny story, involving my Oldest son, why my wife and I need a locking door for our bedroom, and why he wouldn't meet our eyes all day...uncomfortable.

Did I say funny? Yeah, not so much. Hey, look, toys! Wholesome, non-suggestive toys. I'm not as much of a completest these days, so aside from the Modok build-a-figure, I've been letting them slide. I would have liked the Annihilus, but I only wanted Hercules out of the whole lot. Whenever I finally get around to buying She-Hulk and maybe Jean Gray, I'll have half a Blob, which isn't nearly as great as it sounds.

I sold a couple of the Apocalypse parts on eBay quite a while ago, but eBay's done nothing but piss me off lately. Everything is overpriced, the last thing I bought never showed (Curse you Hong Kong! Curse you!) and postage never seems to be what it should be. So, I don't feel like selling them off yet, instead holding on to see if I stumble across a stash of Legends substantially discounted. Yeah, prices slashed to the point where I could feel good about buying Lady Deathstrike or Longshot; which would be absurdly cheap.

The one I'm most likely to end up with? Mojo, since I do kinda want the First Appearance Iron Man, if I could find a gold one for cheap, wouldn't mind Zemo, and hey, the original Longshot series was great even if he was never good again.

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Anonymous said...

If there's a KB near you, I'd suggest checking that one out. They're Toybiz Marvel Legends were reduced to $5 the last time I was there.

Also, my local comic store got Hasbro's second series in today, and I couldn't help but buy She-Hulk. This series is so much better than the last one it hurts.