Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often around here, honestly.
Yes, I'm reusing scans, to recycle...the environment...conservation...shut up! That's why!

Sonuvabiscuit. I spent about forty-five minutes looking for a specific issue yesterday and didn't find it, eventually coming out of my basement defeated and dejected and about an hour past my bedtime. Then I got the bright idea to try and find it on eBay, and not only was it a bit high, I realized I never had that issue, I had read a friend's copy, and in fact was even thinking of another issue that I did have. And didn't find.

I think during football season I'll make comics organization a little project. Being old, I have no problem with 'watching' a game on a black-and-white TV with a screen inferior to modern handheld game systems: I remember 'radio,' and it's more just for the noise. Even if my sorting is completely primitive, I'd like to get all my Thor comics in one pile, all the various and sundry Legion of Super-Heroes incarnations together, and the assorted missing or misplaced limited series compiled again.

Don't get me wrong: I unabashedly do enjoy digging through a box that contains three different numberings for Green Lantern, random issues of Motormouth, and a lone Optic Nerve--not the issue pictured, either; oddly, GCD didn't have them all. You may have thought I was joking about the Happenstance's just that lately, I'm sorting, and sorting, and sorting. Maybe three times more past that, and it's cutting into my fun, and I'm running out of room to stand in the basement.

But, that's part of the way I enjoy comics. I like digging through a box of comics so disorganized that the more neat/anal-retentive amongst you might tear the box apart in a fit of filing madness. For me, part of the fun is flipping through issue after issue, looking for a Superman comic I might not even have anymore; and coming up with a Kelley Jones Batman or Neal Adams' Deadman reprints or a complete run of Skull the Slayer. (And the issue of Marvel Two-In-One that wrapped up that series when it was cancelled. I defy and demand any readers out there to tell me they have those. I'll be shocked, promise.)

So, while I say I'm going to 'organize' my comics, your guess is as good as mine as to how much of that actually happens. Chances are good I'll end up flipping through boxes, pausing to read forgotten gems like...Forgotten Realms or something.

Much longer entry tomorrow, promise. I wrote most of this entry at work today. Three and a half hours of overtime, which left me a bit loopy, but left me plenty of time to peruse GCD and blogs. Come to think of it, there's more I need to add...


SallyP said...

It IS nice to rummage through the old boxes and find stuff that you had forgotten you had! The only problem is that then you find yourself sitting on the floor and another afternoon winds up blown.

Still beats housework however.

Heinrich7 said...

Ah, the joy of rummaging through boxes of old stuff and finding that item that had long been forgotten and thought lost, but was the reason of so many hours well spent...

But then nostalgia kicks me in the teeth and I feel like curling into a fetal position and crying like a baby...

Good times.