Saturday, September 01, 2007

What I intend to do this long weekend:

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

The Oldest was wondering why I hadn't done any toy pictures in a while, and I didn't have much of a reason, so we played with a friggin' ton of accessories setting this up. Man, I used to buy a lot of toys for the accessories alone.

Off the top of my head, for any toy fans: the 'desktop' is actually a Coleco, from Ralph Wiggum of the Simpsons. Or was it Gil? He was the one that had that line about I have Gil? The laptop is courtesy Spider Jerusalem of Transmetropolitan.

The main desk and chair are J. Jonah Jameson's, from the Spider-Man Movie line. Weird as it sounds to me, that was the second JJJ toy I had bought, there's a comic style one as well with a Spider-Slayer desk. There was a long pause there, while I looked at my worthless, non-transforming desk with utter contempt.

There's a Hellraiser puzzle box, that came with Pinhead. I think he was the only one in the line to get one of those, but that line had a lot of little accessories to, usually of a nature like bloodly pliers, bloody knives, bloody saws, etc.

Lots of the drinks, and the donuts, burger, and Radioactive Man comic; are all from various Simpsons toys. Some of their accessories are a little too character specific, like a run-over possum, job interview boots, or shoe-size measurer; but they always gave you a good batch of them.

The Slurm can was Fry's, from the old Futurama toys, which are still great looking. Most of the beer bottles are from McFarlane's Strange Brew toys of a few years back, and not to be mean, quite possibly the only reason anyone bought those. A couple of the other beers, and the Red Bull-looking can, are from an alcoholic anime girl I can't place, possibly Love, Hina, possibly not.

The books: the Necronomicon from the first Evil Dead Ash figure (which was about as posable as that desk I mentioned), one from the Goon, possibly a couple from either Buffy or Charmed. The Toyfare was from many, many issues ago; the Tales of Suspense Nightcrawler's reading was printed up years ago, after a lot of trial-and-error, and has a Hostess ad on the back.

The little toys are arranged not unlike the pile of toys surrounding my computer at my work. The Atom came with his larger JLU version, the rest are from Micro Machines or other similar lines.

Have a good, relaxing weekend; and we'll be back Tuesday!

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SallyP said...

That's amazing! You could give the miniature killer from CSI a run for her money! Or him. Or whomever it turns out to be.

Props are half of the fun. I've found that dollhouse minatures also work quite well with action figures.