Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh, god, I'm so sorry, I'll knock next time...
Man, that looked questionable, even in context. Um...we'll come back later.

It's not even a week into the new fall season, and I've got a full videotape of crap I should probably watch before I go on vacation. Yes, videotape--I've had this VCR for well over ten years, it's super and I love it. No cold, sterile Tivo or DVX or whatever for me! If it's not making grinding noises, how do you know you're getting results? Sure, Sugarpie barks at it when it starts taping Star Trek at one in the morning, but frankly that dog barks at anything.

Since I was watching the Cowboys game on Sunday, I taped the Simpsons, and haven't been able to get one. Freaking. Half. Hour. To watch it yet. Hell, fast-forwarding the commericials, it shouldn't take me more than 20 minutes. But I've had overtime, and then Monday I watched Prison Break...while blogging, so I probably missed something; and taped Chuck (ironically...) and Heroes.

Tuesday night I tried to squeeze the Wife's horrible programs onto the tape, which admittedly wouldn't be a problem if I upgraded, would it? And I blogged through Bones, watched House over my shoulder, and wandered in and out of Law and Order: SVU. (I had wanted to tape Reaper: I like the cast, it might be an interesting premise, and it'll last 20 minutes before being replaced by America's Next Top Model or some other nonsense.)

As I type this, after work I still have to pick up the Youngest from home, the Oldest from school, hustle down to the comic shop (New Cable and Deadpool and Annihilation: Star-Lord, fun comics today!), and then plant my narrow rump in front of the TV for the last time before I go. Fluff, I still have to watch Equilibrium before that has to go back. And then I complain about not getting any sleep...

I suppose if I don't watch Bionic Woman I'll get my nerd privileges revoked, so I'd best pencil that, of course I was looking forward to that, I had a Steve Austin action figure as a kid and love that stuff. Strangely, though I can remember Six Million Dollar Man toys, books, and even records; I absolutely can not remember any Six Million Dollar Man episodes. Even in reruns. Meh, the other stuff made up for it. Shoot, now I want a replacement Steve Austin. And maybe one for the Youngest.

So, a lot of TV, about half of which I watch with my back turned while I try to scan comics. Like this one!
Demonstrating Batman either being super stealthy or damn rude.
Seemingly untouchable drug kingpin Korlee thinks the Batman's either a fairy tale, or more likely, an undercover cop in an elaborate scam under Commissoner Gordon's orders. He rudely interrupts a private conversation between Gordon and Batman (disguised as a gravedigger, which is neat) and even though Korlee knows there's something more to Bats than meets the eye, he proclaims he doesn't believe. Even when Gravedigger Batman, action figure coming soon, disappears in broad daylight despite having seemingly nowhere to hide and more than a few witnesses. Or maybe he just strolled off during Korlee's rant.

In a later confrontation with Gordon, Korlee, whether he believes in him or not, still suspects Batman's watching:
That isn't funny, that's like the fifth person he's had stabbed today looking for Batman.
Not a single broken dish: that busboy's a credit to the name.

From Batman: The Hill #1, "Heretic" Written by Christopher Priest, pencils by Shawn Martinbrough, inks by John Lowe and Shawn Martinbrough.

And with that, I'm on vacation. Wish me luck, and be back next week!

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Justin Garrett Blum said...

I'm glad that you didn't just post that first page without context, because I could have sworn that was supposed to be Crispus Allen. I was thinking, "Why is he being such a punk to the Commish?"