Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bit of a disconnect on this one.
Well, that looks like it might be fun...
From The Demon: Driven Out #3, "Verse III: Unbound" Written by Joshua Dysart, pencils by Pop Mhan, inks by Art Thibert and Jake Crippen.

Running behind today, but I did re-read Driven Out, and I'm still not positive that I like it. Some of the series was entertaining and creative, and some of it was way over the top: some of the Yakuza/J-Pop/street racing touches feel a bit forced, the plot point to removing Etrigan from Jason Blood reads like unused Warren Ellis, and the other female character doesn't get a name beyond Yutaka's girlfriend, before:
Or not.
I think the Demon's still playing with the corpse the next issue.

Still, there's some of it that is interesting: the teddy bear full of hummingbird skulls is weird for weird's sake, but striking. Moreso than the actual reason for it, but even so. And Blood's motivation, to get the Demon out of him so he can live out his days with Glenda, works. So does his drive to get Etrigan back, not because the Demon is more of a menace without him: "I can't stand that you're happy."

The last issue features a bigger, badder, pretty lame monster for the Demon to take down, but he doesn't end up back in Jason Blood there. On the editorial page, the 'next issue' blurb promises big developments for the loose Etrigan, but I think his next appearance was in Blood of the Demon. Byrne seemed to ignore every Demon appearance after the Kirby issues, and Jason and Etrigan were bound again. Anyone remember different, let me know.

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