Friday, October 19, 2007

Missed this the other day:
Not a Freudian slip.
I forgot that I was going to scan this from Daredevil #375, but it's a great example of how one little slip can screw up a whole page. After a few days of testimony, the case against Karen Page looks airtight, and the prosecution has started digging on Karen's sordid past to shovel more dirt on her coffin. Matt is trying to pull himself together with a workout, when Mr. Fear shows up for a good taunting.

All the panels scanned here should be Fear talking, but a misplaced tail in the third panel, changes Mr. Fear's punchline to Matt calling his girlfriend a whore. Whoopsie. In context, it's pretty apparent that Fear's still talking, but it takes you out of the moment.

Hell, I don't wanna end on a down note, so here's a panel from the page before, because John Paul Leon nails it:
Your dad would be proud, Matt.
It also occurred to me, with Matt's discovery of the evidence, that his victory was more Perry Mason than Law and Order; but then, I haven't watched a lot of Perry Mason. Did he usually trick people into confessing? I'm not sure. But Daredevil would work really well with the Law & Order formula: DD finds the crime, brings in the suspect, takes it to trial...and now it falls apart, since how often does he bring in someone that's innocent, and the conflict of interest with catching someone and then defending them. No dice there, I guess...

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