Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You can tell these girls weren't intended to be um, 'dancers,' they're really not that poseable.
As usual, click to enlarge, and last week's strip (so to speak...) is here.
Rock's been wearing those ammo belts like suspenders for like sixty years now.
I'm not positive on this, since it wasn't one of his good writers, but it has been established that Deadpool's skin and flesh feel pretty gross.
To be continued...
I know some people, including his creator Robert Kanigher, subscribe to the idea that Sgt. Rock dies of the last bullet fired in World War II. I can't buy that, because if so, who shoots the guy that shoots Sgt. Rock? I suppose maybe Bulldozer could beat the shooter to death, but Kanigher also figured the rest of Easy Company would also be killed before it was over.

Now, I liked Sgt. Rock's multiple Brave and the Bold appearances, but I don't know about the idea of Rock dying in Our Worlds at War or his unsuccessful Suicide Squad series. Hanging out with Fury and Blackhawk seems like more fun, even if Rock's half-senile. Three-quarters senile. Completely gone.

Incidentally, in DC continuity, what did Blackhawk die of? And a tip of the hat to the Fortress Keeper, who saw this coming! I occasionally get frustrated with DC Direct, but they have got a ton of figures out that probably would never have happened otherwise.

Deadpool and Nightcrawler, or Pool and Kurt; will be in the deep end next week. Rest makes no goddamn sense whatsoever.


Jason F.C. Clarke said...

Great stuff as always, GG!

Is any of that speculation about the Negative Zone prison genuine? I suppose revealing Tony Stark is a Skrull (or Skrull-controlled) is a good way to make him a good guy again for when the movie comes out.

Stephen said...

i like your neg zone theory. also more super heroes at strip clubs! imagine tony plastered in a strip club in the 80's or the hulk. i demand it sir.

SallyP said...

My God! Deadpool's right! At least your theory makes a heck of a lot more sense than anything that I've seen from Marvel.

And the thought of Fury and Blackhawk sitting around in a strip club all day just fills me with delight. Because you KNOW that's what they would do.