Thursday, April 03, 2008

(Mostly) Off-Topic: All the Colors of Fail

If the tire will hold air, tomorrow I'm going to start biking again. I need the exercise, and I'm sick and tired of throwing so much cash away at the pump. Oh, and I plowed into a parked car this morning.

Yeah, this year my moral high ground in biking, is kind of on shaky ground. In my defense, that car was parked really close to the corner; and I did leave a note. There was the momentary temptation to floor it, but not only is that wrong, it's also exactly the sort of thing that someone would see...that and it was on the same block as my house, so it might've been easy to track down.

I didn't do much damage to the parked car, but I did crunch up one of my headlights and a turn signal. I didn't think it was that bad in the morning, but when I checked it on my break, it was a lot worse than I'd thought. And then I left the lights on when I checked it, so it was dead when I got off work...when it rains, huh?

Luckily, I was able to get a jump, and my folks were in town, so the rest of the day got better. And I actually have full coverage, oddly enough, since every month it comes out of the account and every month I bitch about how expensive and stupid car insurance is. So, in a perverse way, even though I'm going to have to come up with the deductible, since I refuse to drive around in a half-smashed jalopy like everyone else in town, I at least feel like I'm getting something out of this whole mess. Ugh. Anyway, have a good weekend, and if you know a good body shop...

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SallyP said...

Bummer. Of course it always looks worse after you actually start to look at it. It always costs more than you think it ought to as well.