Monday, April 28, 2008

Other people's posts and contests, and why don't I have a Predator figure?

Pete over at Fanwank has a contest going, with a Legendary Heroes Conan vs. Wrarrl two-pack up for grabs! (Huh. I was able to spell 'Wrarrl' correctly off the top of my head. Wouldn't have bet on that one, and now my mind's wandering to old Conan comics I probably had stolen twenty years ago...) Pete is having a lot of fun, with a lot of toys I never even saw in my neck of the woods. No spoilers, but check it out and put your Superman knowledge to work!

And Poe Ghostal has the third part of a Batman vs. Predator series up, and he features a very logical guest-villain who's more than up for some Predator smashing. I know there were three B. vs. P. limited series in the comics, before snowballing into Superman/Batman/Alien/Predator, but I haven't read all of them. In fact, although I love the first one, the only issue I could find the other day was part four of the third series. Pretty sure Huntress was in the second one, but the third features Robin.
This is at least the third time Batman's worn the anti-Predator armor, so that's pretty much in the regular rotation.
Would Batman tell Alfred to shut up, under any circumstances? And did all Predators wear...thongs? I didn't care for Bat's helmet in this one either: too Robocop. And all of this is making me sad that I don't seem have a single Predator figure. Weird. I have more than a few Aliens, but then, Aliens, like zombies or stormtroopers or Borg, look even better if you have a pile of them. Which reminds me of something I should dig up, so later.

Ooh, almost forgot: Page from Batman vs. Predator 3, written by Chuck Dixon, pencils by Rodolfo Damaggio, inks by Robert Campanella.


Pete said...

I don't have a Predator figure either. Is there a decent one in 6-inch scale?

I should probably go make tonight's strip now. I was supposed to put together a backlog today. So much for that.

(P.S.-Thanks for the plug!)

googum said...

Good question, but I'd check with Poe. The Predator would be a bit taller, like seven inches then, right? I know McFarlane did some, but then I'm not sure how poseable they'd be.

Sleestak said...

The predators don't go after non-combatants. Bats knew Al was ready to fight (and would get gacked quickly) so he he made him subservient in the Predators' eyes and therefore not a valuable target.

googum said...

Ooh, smart. I'm not as up on my Predators, then: the only other books I have offhand with them are the Judge Dredd, Magnus, and Ghost crossovers; and Chris Claremont's Alien vs. Predator twelve issue thing. Man, I don't remember that last one fondly. It took like two years to come out, and I think it put me off Claremont.