Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"The Power of Iron Man!...oh, and he has a movie coming out, yeah, I heard something about that..."
Most of these fights probably only happened in my toy box, sorry.
Iron Man vs. Brainiac would be a lot of fun, since I picture Tony drooling at the thought of taking Brainy apart and playing with him.
Where did I put that rocket launcher?

The last regular issues of Iron Man that I've read were Warren Ellis' Extremis arc, which I liked even if it's more remembered less for the story and more for giving Iron Man powers, being an ad for cell phones, and Adi Granov's art. Then the whole Civil War thing came down, and while I've heard the Knaufs have done some solid stories, I just haven't been able to pick a lot of those issues up.

I missed Adam Warren's Hypervelocity limited, too; but plan to check that out in trade. That probably goes for a lot of the planned limited series coming pretty shortly.

Even though he's about the same size, the old Heroes Reborn Iron Man--that was a Jim Lee design, right? Well, he's got about as many joints as a Simpsons figure. Hell, maybe less. I think I 'lost' the pipes that attached to the back, but I'm wondering if I still have the...whatever the hell the accessory was. The vac-metal finish is starting to chip a bit, too.

I've been keeping an eye out for one, but I haven't found a clearanced Hasbro Legends Ultimate Iron Man. I'm just not willing to cough up full price for him, since I'm not smitten with that design. I prefer the idea of Iron Man's suit fitting in a suitcase, not a dump truck. I missed the red and silver version too: either I thought I wouldn't need yet another Iron Man, or I was asleep at the wheel.

Not much to say on this one. Might have to go back through that box of Iron Man and Force Works comics later. Tomorrow, I have to take those kids back to Burger King to see what the toys are this week. Yes, I would make all my dining choices based on toys if I could.

Also, over the course of this blog, I've had four different Iron Man tags. I should go back and make sure I've tagged them all correctly...


SallyP said...

Oh, just about everybody was stronger than Iron Man there, for a while anyway. In his very own origin, he was flattened by a metal filing cabinet filled with rocks. ROCKS! I personally don't file my rocks in a cabinet, but hey, these WERE Commies.

Just once I wanted Tony to end up short-circuiting himself or something.

billjac said...

You could say the same thing for most of Spiderman's fights too, but it doesn't feel like a fault for him. Maybe it's because all he's got is the strength the spider bit gave him. Tony, on the other hand, isn't strong enough because the hulkbuster armor is in the wash. And every last-minute hack that saves his bacon is something he should have thought of before he left the house. It's his premise sabotaging his drama.

Stephen said...

look at your hulk buster iron man's armor. doesn't it looked like it's designed to resemble the juggernaut. or is it just me and my crazy imagination?