Thursday, May 01, 2008

You know what would've improved DC Universe 0 about 100% for me?
No, the spoiler didn't really bother me.
I was hoping one of the moons would be thrown out of orbit, Space: 1999 style. That would've been something...

Confession: I don't have the cash to drop on all of DC's crossovers or events, so it's in my best interest not to let them grab me. There wasn't much chance of that, but even so. I'm just not feeling it.

The Legion pages: even though they're trying hard to evoke the spirit of old LOSH, that's not right. Not so much the spirit, as the warm nostalgic glow fans still have for those characters. But any fondness or connection I felt for the Legion feels like it was left behind two or three reboots back, despite any of the relative quality of the current work.

I didn't like the art of the Batman section. Homage to Killing Joke aside, why does Batman need to talk to the Joker? I miss the days when Batman slapped their asses in the asylum, and that was the last you saw of 'em for a few months.

Wonder Woman: So, she's failed because there's still war and hate, but Zeus (or whoever) says there always will be? Then, how has she failed again? I'm just pitching her a bit of guff: I'm not a huge fan, but WW vs. 300 could be something.

Green Lantern: Pink hearts, blue moons, green clovers...Look, I like Green Lantern OK--I used to be a pretty big fan, honestly, and I like Guy and Kyle and Kilowog. (And John with JLA.) Hal's return has left me a bit cold, but even that doesn't bother me. Sinestro Corps? Great idea. And I like the Zamorans and Star Sapphire. But why did they have to get rings? And lanterns? Then you get into the rest of the spectrum, and you've lost me. I liked it better when there were Manhunters and Darkstars and matching accessories weren't mandatory. I just feel like the joke's been taken too far.

Spectre: Don't care. Sorry.

Rogues' Gallery: Killer Croc and Shadow-Thief are Flash villains now? I have only the vaguest idea who most of these schleps are. And since the art doesn't show their reaction to Libra's little salespitch-slash-sermon, I have no idea how they feel about it. My guess is, the next page someone shoots him and wonders who let the Jehovah's witness in. That was a little harsh, but my point is, there's no good reason for the Gallery to sit still for this proselytizing. Is this the same spiel as that Crime Bible, or are there two rival faiths in the super-villain community?

Don't get me wrong: I still enjoy a lot of DC's characters. But it's been like three-plus years of ongoing Crisis, and I'm a bit numb to it. And is it a bit telling that out of all the characters in 52, Countdown, Brave New World, One Year Later; this time around it's the traditional guns. You could say that the Crisis cycle has been building up to this, but if Shadowpact or Blue Beetle or the replacement Catwoman or Atom or Freedom Fighters or whoever else had broken big, they would've gotten at least something in DC Universe 0.

I'll check back later, but for right now, no thanks, DC Universe 0. Written by Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns, pencils by George Perez, Doug Mahnke, Tony Daniel, Ivan Reis, Aaron Lopresti, Philip Tan, Ed Benes, Carlos Pacheco, and J.G. Jones, inks by even more.


Sea_of_Green said...

The whole issue struck me as being just another big teaser to entice readers into thinking that maybe, just MAYBE, Barry Allen will be coming back THIS time. THIS time. Yeah, it could happen! Looky at all the clues! Ooooooh, you wanna keep reading to see if we actually DO it this time, right? RIGHT??!?!


Poe Ghostal said...

I'm going to read Final Crisis because I'm slightly bored in my life and have a pathological aversion to saving money. (That's not entirely a joke...) But seriously, I've been trying to start reading contemporary DC comics for about a year now, and the only thing I'm even vaguely interested in right now is the Sinestro Corps stuff and Batman RIP (though I'm highly skeptical of the latter--Morrison has stated unequivocally that this is "the end of Bruce Wayne's run as Batman." How can that POSSIBLY be true, without some sort of rhetorical sleight-of-hand--e.g., "Oh, I meant the end of his run in "New Earth"..."the end of his run FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS"...etc.)

I think I'm going to go back to reading my "Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told" TPB...

The Fortress Keeper said...

Batman RIP has me kinda interested, sorta... unless they really do want to put Jason Todd under the cowl.