Monday, May 12, 2008

This is another one where I'm talking about something that comes up later.
Why can't I buy buzzknucks yet?
So, I was working on another strip for Wednesday, and looking at some Batman redesigns; most of which weren't really working for me. And I had a snippy little comment about how making Batman's costume pointier and brown wasn't going to cut it. And then I remembered this one: from Batman: Dark Allegiances, written and art by Howard Chaykin, letters by Ken Bruzenak. I had to take a minute to make sure I hadn't posted from this one again, since it's a favorite. Chaykin could do a Batman Elseworlds like once a year, and I'd be fine with that.

Set in 1939 (or '38, it's a little vague, and need to look up more of the timeframe) a self-made Bruce Wayne fights American fascism as Batman. Whether intentional or not, this one has a little starter lesson on a dark, and relatively ignored, part of American history; which will get you more interested whether you like it or not. But even with that background, Chaykin writes a Batman that's having a lot more fun than usual. I hesitate to say more, since I was going to mention a cameo appearance that's awfully surprising for a Batman comic, even considering the year. And all with a color scheme for Batman that you probably won't see an another dozen Elseworlds.

Ken Bruzenak is one of the few letterers I'll always mention, by the way. And Chaykin's art here is among his best. I'd scan more, but it's a $5.95 squarebound thing, and I like it too much to cram it repeatedly into the scanner...

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The Fortress Keeper said...

Brown Batman beating up Nazi Klansmen Chaykin style. I'm going to look for this one ... right now.