Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weirdly, this panel could've been in any of the movies. Or could even refer to making the fourth one. Heavy.

Although, now that I think about it, the future of archeology is probably going to involve digging up a lot of land mines and hazardous waste. Like many, I'm looking forward to the new Indiana Jones film more than I'm looking forward to, I don't know, the election, summer vacation, anything. Now I'm in the process of convincing the Wife and Oldest about it: they loved Iron Man, but she's never seen any of the originals, and I just finally got the Oldest to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark today.

Luckily, the kids and I went to Burger King for toys today. That may have helped sell him...I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to get my sister and folks to come up to see it next week.

For good measure, a friend lent me some Indiana Jones comics the other day: some of the old Marvel ones, and some of the newer Dark Horse ones. I feel bad, because he had Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis #1-3, and I'm positive I have issue #4 somewhere. I'll spot him it, if I ever find the damn thing...I think I liked the Marvel ones better, actually. As a kid, I know I read either #1 or #2 (almost positive it was #1) off the spinner racks, but didn't buy it. I'm pretty sure I didn't because of the cliffhanger ending, since back then finding the next issue could be risky.

I had forgotten, if I ever even knew, that John Byrne had done some issues. I liked issue #24 a lot too: great Michael Golden cover, and the top panel. Watching the opening scene of Raiders, or the map room scene, sometimes you can drift out of the movie for a moment and question the practicality of poison darts, light-triggered booby-traps, or crushing yet really round boulders. Particularly when you put all of those at what's basically your church. Maybe no one's that observant anymore, it's more of a Christmas-Easter thing...

Panels from the Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #2, "22-Karat Doom!" Written by 'Missouri' O'Neil, layouts by 'Chicago' Byrne, and inks by 'Michigan' Austin; and #24, "Revenge of the Ancients" Story and layouts by Herb Trimpe, finishes by Danny Bulanadi. (Great Michael Golden cover on #24, too!)

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The Fortress Keeper said...

I just remember Steve Ditko doing some work on this title. I never realized that John Byrne also worked on it.

Huh ... now you've got me interested.