Thursday, May 22, 2008

From today's quarter boxes, details from the first page and the last page, of two different comics set in 2020.
Martian conditioners are light-years ahead of ours.

Fricking HMO, I swear...
The weird thing is, Joe Linser's Killraven came up in conversation earlier today: a friend mentioned he bought Dark Ivory yesterday, (to paraphrase, he liked the art, but was waiting for the plot to start) and I said I hadn't read a lot of Linser but knew about this one. The art is nice: he can do some great facial expressions when he wants to, but everyone's hair looks way too nice. And the story's interesting, even though the new character is stupid on so many levels, and Killraven enables her stupidity. Stupid.

The other page is from Jamie Delano's Vertigo limited 2020 Visions, which I've had and lost at least twice. I just read the nine issues of it that I had last week, but I've been missing the Frank Quitely issues forever. Sadly, only the first one was in the bins today: I also bought issues #2 and #3 of the old Chaykin written Fury limited, after foraging around for the rest. The quarter boxes can be cruel. There were a couple of limited series in there that I'm surprised I didn't pounce on, since I'm usually a sucker for a complete run of anything, but I already have Vertigo Pop: London (it's great), don't really need Spider-Girl Presents: the Buzz (haven't read any of those Defalco-verse future ones), and like but know other people who like Tank Girl more...shoot, might kick myself on that one later.

Out for a couple days, but we should be back Saturday, I think...

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