Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Display options"

Over at his Points of Articulation site, Poe Ghostal had a post a while back, on the subject of multiple Batmen: "I view my toys not as collectibles but as characters, and to have two Batmen next to each other, well, it breaks the illusion that he’s Batman and not just a toy."

Of course, two days after I finished "principal photography," I found another in-scale Batman. Hell, there's always room for one more, but these things happen.

The scale is a little up and down: The Batman from the most recent animated series is a little short to fit in with everyone else, as is the Movie Masters one, at least when compared to the DC Direct scale. The yellow helmeted one fits with the Total Justice/JLA of a few years back, so he's far too short to mingle, but he was the star of the first homemade post strip here. Yeah, I'm sure that makes up for it. I may have completely lost his accessory: he was, I don't know, like Bat-Tron or Internet Buzzsaw Batman or some such. The accessory ran on a AAA-battery, I know that much.

The one with the ears that mentions his cape (and the cape shows up later, but not all of it: there's two more pointy bits, it would've stood up at least another inch or two) was from the Legends of the Dark Knight line. He's in a Kelley Jones style, and was my default Batman for years. Oddly, I tried to find him on eBay just now (sorry, 'right now' means two weeks ago, when I started this post), and didn't find a single one. That was a great line for it's time, the Man-Bat still holds up, and I've always wanted that Batgirl.

Fanwank! had a strip a while back that really, really made me covet that Armored Batman. And at least a couple local stores still have, at varying levels of clearance, that DC Direct four-figure set, with some versions I don't remember...what does that one have? First Appearance, 50's style, Jim Lee version, and...disco? That can't be right. I'm almost positive it's not Robot Batman, I would've bought that already.

All these Batmen, and would you believe, I don't own a single Joker figure? Just not a fan. Luckily, I know someone who does.


Sea_of_Green said...

Thank you for proving once and for all that the best reason for having a ton of different Batman figures around is that, together, they're so #$#% FUNNY! :-)

SallyP said...

Great Googally Moogally! You have a LOT of Batmen!

I thought that I had a lot of Green Lantern figures, but you leave me in the dust. Yours are much funnier as well.

Pete said...

Armored Batman is a ball-jointed head away from being the best DCD figure ever made.

As to DCD making multiple Batmen and Supermen, believe me, I understand. I was remarking to my fiancee yesterday that they even managed to work the Big Two into the third wave of the Green Lantern line, while not actually including an official GL.

Stephen said...

all hail pirate batman

The Fortress Keeper said...

Mini-Lego Batmen rule.