Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I've had this flier from an issue of Wizard or Toyfare or something for years, and it's been sitting by the computer for a while now.
Man, I know I've read some of those new Micronaut comics, and I cannot recall them for the life of me.
I was going to ask if anyone had ever actually seen this bust, but then I thought, duh, eBay. And after a few minutes of searching--"Bug" and "Thing" are tough ones to search for oddball comic-related items, and I don't want to guess how many worm listings I've seen looking for Nightcrawler stuff--an auction came right up.

I'm afraid I'm not interested enough to buy it: I don't have anywhere to put busts. Ever since my wife broke the tail of a Nightcrawler statue, what little high end stuff I have goes into the basement. Also, check out the link: the eyes don't look right on the auction one...like they've been turned about 90 degrees.

I've fallen behind on Annihilation and Guardians of the Galaxy: is Bug still in there? This Dynamic Forces promo was an odd item, since it was tied into Image's relaunch/reimagination of Micronauts that didn't use any of Marvel's characters. Didn't, um, didn't take. Everyone remembers Micronauts fondly, but with the licensing all tied up and the wave of nostalgic comics come and gone, it's never coming back. (I took a quick look for it, but I couldn't find Warren Ellis' explanation on why that was a bad idea in the first place.)

Still. The old issues are still out there, and fun enough to flip through. Now ROM, hell, ROM deserves a new figure, new book, and a dramatic reveal in Secret Invasion...hey, at this point, that's like the one thing that would get me to pay money for that.


The Fortress Keeper said...

ROM in Secret Invasion would be sweet, but I'm kinda afraid of how Bendis would write the guy's dialogue.

CalvinPitt said...

Bug survived Conquest, and was last seen sitting at the bedside of a comatose Mantis (or at least a sleeping Mantis hooked up to a respirator).

But in Guardians of the Galaxy, Mantis is up, hale and hearty, and Bug's nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he's on covert ops for them.

Sea_of_Green said...

*Sniff*, *sniff* ... MICRONAUTS ... and, and, ROM ... and, and Devil Dinosaur ...! *Sniff.* GAWD, how I MISS THEM!!! BAWWWWWWWWWWWWW--!

googum said...

Hell, I think you gave me the head's up the last time I was griping about this; and it'll probably came up every couple of months 'til Bug appears...I figure the writers thought Rocket Raccoon filled their smartass slot on the team and couldn't use Bug, which would be a shame.
I used to have a complete run of Micronauts: the New Voyages. That was the newstand format book replacing the original series after Baron Karza was defeated and Bill Mantlo left the book. I don't know which was more damaging. It's really not good, like maybe three good issues out of 20? And an ending that makes Hex look upbeat.
I do kind of like that Bug, Commander Rann, and Mari show up years later; minus several teammates, and their team name. No explanation and doubtless smelling of booze.