Friday, August 29, 2008

"Side effects may include drowsiness, irritability, and sudden loss of distinctive word balloons."

The Lt. Malcolm Reed figure from Enterprise that has been filling the shoes of Bob here, is absurdly taller than a Marvel Legends figure like Deadpool or Nightcrawler. Oddly enough, I actually have another Reed figure downstairs: I think I got one cheap, then got another one with a chunk of the bridge, also cheap. Of course, the one downstairs is in a display of Star Trek figures and holding two phasers; while "Bob" is turning into a poor excuse for a butler.

"Gunny" is from a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer set, a resident of the Island of Misfit Toys. A squirt gun that shot jelly? How is that a misfit? I think that would top kids' Christmas lists now.

If anyone has any idea on this one, shout it out: how many people, if indeed any, has Doc Samson actually helped as a psychiatrist? His treatments of the Hulk have been, at best, stopgap measures, and on more than one occasion has done more harm than good. The famous issue of X-Factor where he examines each of the team, his recommendations are completely ignored, and he seems more than smitten with Polaris. (For her part, Polaris seems hung up about her weight, then managed to drop her imagined fat through the simple expedience of a broken jaw wired shut. She then reveals to Samson her new costume, showing a lot more skin than before.)

The drug Samson mentions giving Pool is a real one, the result of five minutes of "research" on Wikipedia. But the idea for this strip, besides getting Doc Samson, was a comment from Justin over at uatublog/in-between the lines that mentioned around here, it's like Deadpool's taking his medication.

But I thought about that, and Pool can't just take his meds: in this instance, his healing factor would work against him, processing the foreign toxin out of his system before it could do any good. Like Wolverine, Deadpool probably has a hard time getting any sort of buzz from booze (although both chug beer like water, neither ever gets really drunk or a beer gut), and we've seen other drugs fail rather spectacularly for Pool as well.

(From Deadpool #65, "Healing Factor: Prologue" The first issue of Gail Simone and Udon's run. Art with Alvin Lee, Rob Ross, Erice Vedder, A-Zero and TR2. And I love Dave Sharpe's letters.)

So, Deadpool will probably remain at least this crazy for the foreseeable future, and so should all of you! Have a good weekend, and something else next week!


SallyP said...

Thank you for doing to Doc Samson what really needed to be done. Nightcrawler is a GOOD friend. And so is Bob.

Sea-of-Green said...

Ah-HA, I WAS going to ask if that was the jelly-squirting gun from Rudolph. :-)

Flowers for Albuquerque ...?!?!

Googum, this whole thing is just so damned funny. DAMNED funny!