Thursday, August 07, 2008

"Objects in panel may be smaller than they appear."
Hopefully.  I take pictures with the 'even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn' settings.
"Banner" there is actually Jack Driscoll from a line of King Kong gachapon capsule toys. I got friggin' Jack three separate times. Took me forever to get an actual Kong, and I never did get a V-Rex either. The Oldest might've though, he was more of a fan than I was...the Hulk is from a 7-11 Slurpee straw: not quite as cool as the Iron Man ones, but nothing to sneeze at.

The Oldest and I saw The Incredible Hulk a week or two ago, and while we liked it (even if the Oldest fell asleep for a bit, we saw a late show) I hadn't really thought about it until now. Not that it was bad, perhaps not as fun as Iron Man or as intense as The Dark Knight, but still enjoyable. And the Bruce-Betty conversations seemed more like a couple than anything in those two movies. (Bruce explaining what they could and couldn't use while on the run, for instance.) It did just strike me that the Hulk seemed more hopeful, or at least less doomed, than Batman and Gotham, though. And while I enjoyed the nods to the comics like the Super-Soldier serum, did that do anything for non-comics readers?

Anyway, for me at least, the summer movie season is running down: still waiting for Wall*E to get to the cheap theatre so I can take the Youngest, still haven't seen Hellboy 2; and am only waiting for the new Punisher: War Zone and Death Race. The Wife really wants to see Death Race, for some reason. I know I didn't see it until like 1994, but the original feels like it's a hundred years old. Still like to see it again, though.

Went looking for toys with the boys tonight, and found some stuff that was interesting, but not quite interesting (or cheap) enough to grab me. Not a lot of DC Universe Classics out there, and not a Wall*E toy anywhere. I don't think any local stores got them, although I did see one that still had a few Ratatouille toys, the other mice. (The Youngest just started watching that, and seemed to like the Wall*E preview.)

The second wave of Legendary Heroes figures has finally showed up here (aside from the Judge Death that came with the first wave and is now everywhere on clearance) at Rite Aid, of all places. Moreover, since that chain doesn't exactly blow through the toys--a couple stores still have Masters of the Universe figures from the 2002 relaunch, and one had a Batman: the Animated Series Creeper, which I would've bought if I didn't already have one--it's like they spread a case out over all their local stores. One had Ann O'Brian, another Star, and so forth. I picked up one because it'll be a perfect punchline, when I get there.

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