Friday, August 01, 2008

"Prognosis: Negative."

Samson probably should know Cable's real, but even in a superhero universe full of gods, androids, aliens, and Canadians; if someone told you about him, he would sound pretty far-fetched.

I don't use the yellow fill often enough for Deadpool, and it doesn't always get everything, but maybe I'll start using it.

It's tough to hammer out exactly what's wrong in Deadpool's head, especially since it can vary from writer to writer or story to story. For instance, in the -1 Flashback issue, Joe Kelly wrote the pre-Weapon X Wade Wilson as an immoral, remorseless thug; in a later issue, Pool hallucinates a busty brunette riding a giant bunny rabbit while pouring scotch into milk. And that's pretty tame, since I think he's gotten worse.

And it's my birthday, so I'm out for the weekend. No idea what I'm doing, so wish me luck!


Sea_of_Green said...

Happy Birthday, Googum! :-D

"...and where were you hiding that thing?"

That's a question that NO ONE should EVER ask a comic book character. NO ONE. It's only asking for trouble!

SallyP said...

Dr. Bong! Oh, and Cable being his imaginary friend, is just priceless.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, by the way!

Ace said...

Happy birthday!

If you read an old issue of Heroes For Hire, you'll find that Deadpool almost does answer the "Where were you keeping those?" question... His answer: "Do you reeeeally want to know? It involves an awful lot of lubircant."

Loved the Marvin Munroe mallet. XD

But I have to say, in recent issues of Wolverine Origins, Deadpool's hallucinations are worse. Wolverine and he as the fabled Tortoise and Hare?