Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Doom Idol" may be "Doom Factor" by the time this is done...

Funny, I had written something up for this, but apparently lost it. Oh, well.

Odds of a Star Sapphire joining the Doom Patrol: 45-to-1.

Odds of that stopping me: 1000-to-1. (A sucker's bet!...especially since I have another one of these done.)

Odds of Matty's DC Universe subscription making an Elasti-Woman figure: Tough to put a number on it. How about, "no." Finishing up the Doom Patrol doesn't seem to be a priority, and she probably wouldn't make the lineup again until they push through a lot of the DC Reboot-look characters.

(It's All True has a post up on the DC sub, but I'm afraid I am by nature a cherry-picker, and don't have the cash to throw at that all at once. That said, if they did manage to get an Elasti-Woman made, I'd put some effort into getting her.)


Dale Bagwell said...

Thank you sir, may I have another...of these Doom Idol strips.
Love the Joel Gertner Catfight shout-out!

I'm with you on the whole DC Sub thing; it's BS and might not even happen since there's really not enough people that signed up. That may change, but I doubt it. I agree with this guy who said it best, that basically Mattel/DC has screwed their loyal customers with this Subscription crap. I too am a cherry-picker due to oh say common sense and financial issues. Mattel/DC's making it sound like if we give them even more of our hard-earned $, then they might give us the figures we need to finish out certain teams. Again, it's bullshit, and it shows that they only care about the money, not the costumer. Well, I guess I already know that, but they could at least pretend to care a little more better.

SallyP said...

You know...if a Star Sapphire joined Doom Patrol, I would definitely go back to reading it. Oh, the opportunity for mayhem!

Dale Bagwell said...

Here, here Sally, here, here!