Thursday, July 21, 2011

When Captain America throws his mighty shield (away)...

The old TV movie Captain America II: Death Too Soon is on SyFy right now, and I probably haven't seen it since it originally aired in 1979. I didn't recall the bits with the townspeople or Cap going over the side of a dam...or his transparent shield; but I know Christopher Lee has a pretty cool death scene coming up. (Oh, that's not a spoiler! He was the bad guy, and it's Christopher Lee! C'mon!)

So, I took a second to grab my beat old copy of Captain America: The Great Gold Steal, by Ted White. While Cap's origin in the book is comic-accurate (for the time, 1968) I believe there's a scene later where he loses his shield! Normally, that would be troubling, since in the traditional Marvel universe Cap's shield is an indestructible blend of vibranium and adamantium, unique and virtually irreplaceable. In this book, however, Cap's shield is well made, and tough, but neither unique nor invulnerable.

I'm curious if that won't be the case in the new movie; and I think the Ultimates Cap follows suit. (To the best of my recollection, anyway.)

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