Wednesday, July 06, 2011

"Even still more Doom Idol."

Is Adam Strange in anything lately? I got the "Planet Heist" trade a bit ago, and remember him being in some other recent stuff.

I got the DC Direct Adam Strange some time ago, when it looked like he'd be the only figure of him, ever. Of course, he would later get DCUC and DCIH figures, but this one is good enough for my purposes.


Dale Bagwell said...

Cute one Goo! Never a bad thing to use Adam Strange, especially since no over at the DidioCU seems to have anything or him to do. I guess this is a form of Ageism, since the JSA is also being left out since there existence wouldn't jive w/there Superman being the 1st ever hero.

I guess maybe we'll see him in some compacity in the new rebooted universe, but it'll be awhile.

Looking forward to future Doom Idol as always.....

Pete said...

I actually want that Adam Strange! The DCUC one is good, but it's his modern look, as opposed to the classic one there.