Friday, July 15, 2011

If Fear Itself ends like this, at least have Chris G. draw it:

From Marvel Universe: Millenial Visions, story and art by Chris Giarrusso. The whole book was like a bunch of alternate reality/What If? style pitches, with a story page and a pin-up art page.

I've been reading the blog posts, but I haven't really been keeping up with Fear Itself. Still, not unlike DC's Blackest Night giving power rings to everyone; I wonder if Fear Itself won't end with hammers for everyone.


Dale Bagwell said...

It pretty much is heading towards that actually happening. Who knew that would be unofficially predicted 10 years ago huh?

Marvel needs to start becoming innovators again and stop ripping off whatever clever ideas DC occasionally stumbles upon.

Ronnie said...

So you think it'll all end with everyone getting hammered?

googum said...

I know Tony's getting a head start on that...oops, is that a spoiler? Ah, I don't care.

Dale Bagwell said...

If I had to go through the recent horrible "events" and story-lines that Tony does, I'd drink too. Hell, if Tony's around I'm buying the 1st round; 1st round of Jack's on me!

God I still wish I had my camera!