Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'Doom Patrol Dead' isn't a great headline...

Every Day is Like Wednesday posted on DC Universe Legacies some time back, wondering if it's worth reading a limited series that's a definitive history of the DC Universe now that DC's rebooted their universe again. (Mozzocco points out even if the stories don't 'count' anymore, there's a ton of good art in this one.) And today's issue is pretty solid: DC Universe Legacies #5, "Crisis!" Written by Len Wein, with art by Scott Kolins, George Perez, and Scott Koblish.

Threaded with an Astro City-style family saga, this issue rejiggers a bit of DC continuity leading up to Crisis on Infinite Earths--I don't think the deaths of the original Doom Patrol were intended to be a harbinger for the age of grim-and-gritty comics; nor was the Spectre's escalation of vengeance. Still, we see brief images of history like the introduction of Blue Devil, the Charlton heroes, or Green Arrow changing to his 70's look--on a newscast, which then runs a story on Queen Industries that shows Ollie, and no one puts them together...! Then, Perez gets to go back to not one, but two of his biggest hits, the Teen Titans, and the Crisis.

For good measure, the back-up story is a quick one with Walt Simonson art! Featuring Adam Strange, Space Ranger, Tommy Tommorrow, and Captain Comet; it's not real deep, but fun. I've been picking this book up for about a buck an issue, so I'm not sure if I'll end up with the whole run, but so far so good.


Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah you could easily see the Astro City influence here, as well as the Marvels one too.

The art does look great as you say, even if now, the history doesn't match anymore. I think putting this out, while the reboot idea was looming was big waste of time for all the creative people involved, as well as the people that actually paid full price for all 8 issues. Sure this concept is nice and all, and even seems to read like a modern type of Who's Who(we really need that back to make sense of the reboot), but it doesn't mean anything in the long run.
Oh well, that's DC/Dan Didio for you.

Here's my comments from my blog concerning OLLex in case you didn't see them. Thanks for stopping by.

"Yeah, the Wal-mart near me has Samurai too, as well as some misc. leftovers from the Ultra-Humanite wave, and GLC wave 2.

I'd love to have Bronze Tiger, Toyman, and Captain Boomerang...hell I'd even get Black Vulcan if he was available.

AS for the handle issue, yeah Mattel definitely cheaped out here. And while I know that the Four Horsemen were trying to be comic accurate, it wouldn't have killed either to provide a handle. I mean is excluding a handle really saving a lot of money?

Not to mention, Lex's torso is super-loose. But I'm still happy with him overall."

Dale Bagwell said...

Also, you got me with the title you sly dog; I thought you were treating me to a bonus episode of Doom Idol. Now you have to make it up to me.