Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Global Storm Secret Next Authority Wave Avengers-politan."

Today, instead of buying a new number one or some nonsense, why not pick up an issue #17? Yeah, that's going to be a tough sell; but as long as you're in the shop, how about the new issue of Secret Avengers from Warren Ellis and Kev Walker! I'm looking forward to it, although I'm a little disappointed after their banter in the prior issue, Moon Knight and Beast don't appear to be in this one.

I will confess, though, I hate that Beast figure there. He was, well, a Beast to stand, and he's more than a bit undersized to boot. And the Beast is giving Moon Knight the over-harsh hassle about what may or may not be MK's status quo in his new Bendis/Maleev series, where he may or may not be hallucinating conversations and advice with the Avengers, who he may or may not be a teammate of. I know I picked up a copy of the first issue out of the quarter bin, but I might have to read it again.

While Moon Knight may or may not have multiple personality disorder and other psychological problems, his insanity is more rarely played for laughs; especially compared to Deadpool or other lunatics. On the other hand, the severity of his condition varies by writer just as much as Pool; from mostly functional to eccentric to raving and drooling. I do prefer MK closer to the functional end, with maybe a few tics that are noticeable but possibly not insane. After all, the Avengers thought Thor was a little crazy for some time since they didn't really believe he was from Asgard...

If nothing else, Ellis has probably, completely unintentionally, sold me on that upcoming Marvel Legends Commander Rogers figure. Today's issue also has War Machine and Valkyrie, and I'm curious to see if their sarcasm levels are amped up as well.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Funny one today Goo.

I agree about the variating levels of MK's insanity; I think they should rein it in, especially Bendis.
But I'm all for having hero that's a little certifiable. I mean you'd have to be to run around in tights all day right?

Which reminds me, have you seen that HBO special on everyday people that have turned themselves in to real-life superheroes minus the powers? It's like Millar's Kick-Ass come to life I tell you.

Google or Youtube it, you won't be disappointed.

As for the ML that's coming out next year....I was thinking about getting some of the figures, like Modern Thor, Comm.Rogers, and maybe even Klaw or Constrictor, but I'm not getting the whole wave just to build Terrax, even if he looks badder than hell!

I imagine if DCUC figures are now 16 bucks a pop, than the ML's will either match that or go $17.
Sorry Marvel/Hasbro but that's wayyy out my price range, so I'll guess I'll skip that relaunch altogether then....You?