Thursday, September 15, 2011

80-Page Thursdays: Gotham Freezes Over!

During the Comic Book Shop's 23rd anniversary sale, I picked up a nice pile of 80-pagers on the cheap, so we'll take this next month or so to look one every Thursday.

It was over eighty degrees today (when I wrote this) but now we look at Gotham City in the midst of it's worst blizzard in memory...or, at least it is in some of the stories. The opening story sets that up, with the city losing basic services and in worse shape than it was in No Man's Land, according to Dick. In tales with Catwoman and Poison Ivy, it does look like a cold day in Gotham. But, it seems to be doing alright in some of the other stories.

In one, Alfred helps out a prostitute; while there are newer vigilantes in town, the Saint and the Veil. (The Veil looks quite a bit like Dark Horse's Ghost, to me.) Catwoman helps an old scientist and faces an old rival, and while I liked the art in that one, I think my favorite story was Commissioner Gordon versus Mr. Freeze.

While Gordon is freezing his ass off, Freeze is making the most of the weather, since he can roam around in it without his suit. Or his gun, although he still kills a few guys without it: Freeze wacks a couple of Black Mask's men, to make the case to Gordon that he should be allowed out of prison for a few "snow days." Gordon almost seems to be considering it...

Tons of credits in this one, but we've got scans from "Fire & Ice" Written by Kevin Grevioux, pencils by Grey, inks by Nelson X. Asencio; "No Two Alike" written by Ivory Madison, art by Kat Rocka and Josh Finney; and "What Falls Below" written by Kevin Shinick, art and colors by Rafa Garres.


Dale Bagwell said...

The story w/ Freeze and Gordon actually looks really good, could you post more scans of this story?

Other than that, waiting on more Doom Idol strips, which by the way makes me wonder when you're going to present us loyal readers with an actual winner.

Also, check out my yesterday's post of mine "Everybody hates Barry?" and let me know what you honestly thought of it. I'll gladly take any advice/criticism you might have of it.

Stay well.

googum said...

Loved it, but not everyone hates Barry. There', Geoff Johns, I guess...hmm.

And where the hell did I put that one? I've been looking for more 80-page comics, and actually have posts for Thursdays into December. I swear though, that Gordon/Freeze one...I kinda thought Gordon was gonna go 'screw it' and let Freeze go nuts a couple days a year.

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks for the support, and yeah I guess at least Johns' does; Didio too, since they've all agreed to dump poor Wally in Limbo. I guess though that's better than bringing him back only to kill him in a senseless fashion in a stupid story for a short-term sales boast. Then there's his family; wouldn't they just make such lovely cannon fodder?

Also, I remember in Flash:Rebirth, I think it was, that Wally's son Jay was supposed to turn evil or disappoint his dad, something like that was said by Zoom.
Was there any follow up to that?
I know there probably isn't going to be any now, but what bit if info to dump, then leave behind and not follow up on it.

Here's a reposting of my response:
What!? As funny as that would be coming from Barry's actual lips, who would he say that to?

Stay golden Googum-boy, stay golden.

As for the Gordon/Freeze story, you'd think so right? But if he won't let Batman kill Joker after all the deaths and personal loss/grief he's caused him, then he won't let Freeze "clean things up" either.