Monday, September 12, 2011

Reading some unread John Carter, Warlord of Mars today:

I've mentioned John Carter, Warlord of Mars here before, but up until recently, I had only ever read comic versions from Marvel. I know Dynamite has been doing a pile of new books, and Marvel's doing a new version; but oddly, the new Marvel version looks somewhat similiar to this one, from DC and 1973.

From Weird Worlds #6, "Beneath the Omean Sea!" Written by Marv Wolfman, art by Sal Amendola, adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs The Gods of Mars. From the cover, I thought the book's full title was "Tarzan Presents Edgar Rice Burroughs Weird Worlds," and was picturing Tarzan in a den with a leopard smoking jacket while he's MC'ing the stories. Ah, but it says "Weird Worlds," right? Plural?

So, a second feature: Pellucidar. (Written by Denny O'Neil, art by Dan Green.) A hollow earth concept, which Mike Grell would use years later for Skartaris in the Warlord, and I think Tarzan was among the visitors there. This story, however, features David Innes, who is about to take a drilling vehicle back to earth's surface for some supplies, accompanied by his girlfriend, Dian. Hooja, David's former rival for Dian, helps Dian onboard the drill, and David and Dian head for daylight...

I don't know if Dian usually wore a huge robe everywhere; but if your rival for a girl is able to replace her with a pterodactyl and you don't notice pretty quickly, your rival probably deserves her. Just a thought.

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