Thursday, November 17, 2011

80-Page Thursdays: Superboy #147!

For the next stretch, as long as I can find them, every Thursday we'll check out an 80-page comic! Not 64, not 100, 80-page giants only! Today, a reprint of some reprints, with the replica edition of Superboy #147. Featuring stories from Jerry Siegel, Robert Bernstein, Curt Swan, George Papp, Jim Mooney; and a previously unpublished story by E.Nelson Bridwell and Pete Costanza.

The constant rebooting of the Legion of Super-Heroes has become a joke over the years; which bugs me since the LoSH was never that hard for me to follow because of cheap reprints, like DC's Blue Ribbon Digests. This issue features a quick recap of the team's origin, the adult Legion and Superman vs. the Legion of Super-Villains story, and how Ultra Boy and Supergirl joined the team.
Not a lotta scans this time, since the binding on this one doesn't scan well.
Oh, and the Legion of Super-Pets. Why not!

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