Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Put your hand inside the puppet head."

Man, I hadn't done a Deadpool strip since...a brief one for Retro Toy Week back in April? Fun as they are to do, I always forget how much I hate the yellow fill on his balloons. (In fact, on the last page, the fill didn't want to take, so bagged it...) I haven't read a lot of Deadpool lately, although I would love to have Legends-scale Deadpool Corps and Evil Deadpool.

I've had the puppets--little thumb-wrestlers from a vending machine--for some time; as well as the idea for this strip. Couldn't quite come up with a good reason for Deadpool to be doing a puppet show, except, duh, he's crazy. I need to bin Franklin, Timmy, and that kid from Secret Saturdays together, since they're my default little kids yet it always takes me a while to figure out where I put them.

And if you don't recognize the title reference, check after the break!

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Dale Bagwell said...

That's a pretty cool idea using finger/thumb puppets in a skit. I don't think I've seen those ones before, but I might've. Nice to see Deadpool again as well....

I've posted a new blog myself, an ode to the movie Jackie Brown. If you've seen it(and you probably have) then you might recognize a few scenes in my skit. Let me know what you think.