Thursday, November 24, 2011

80-Page Thursdays: Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #2!

For the next stretch, as long as I can find them, every Thursday we'll check out an 80-page comic! Not 64, not 100, 80-page giants only! Today, Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #2! Featuring "Team-Ups from A to Z!" and stories from Priest, Abnett and Lanning, Mark Waid, Marv Wolfman, Chuck Dixon, and more; art by M.D. Bright, Oscar Jimenez, Andy Kuhn, Mike McKone, and more.

Priest and Bright open with Aquaman and Kyle at the bottom of the sea, with an alien artifact, altered aging, and a trapped French sub. Next, Kyle tries to teach art appreciation to Big Barda, as a museum is robbed. Then, one of Kyle art teachers runs afoul of Deadman when he's accused of drug dealing; and Kyle visits Guy Gardner's Warrior bar.

Mark Waid and Mike McKone pit Kyle against Hector Hammond...and Impulse.

Plastic Man and Kyle have a run-in with a mysterious green shape-changer at the JLA Watchtower; then Steven Grant and Matt Smith send Kyle to Zatanna's magic show, where they face a mysterious attacker, a power-swap, and don't really seem to hit it off, at all.

A lot of fun. I know I have at least one of the other two Green Lantern 80-Page Giants, so maybe we'll see another later.

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SallyP said...

80 page giants, are uniformly wonderful. Some have better or worse stories of course, but STILL! You get a lot of fun for you money.