Thursday, March 22, 2012

80-Page Thursdays: Justice Society of America 80-Page Giant 2010!

This one has been sitting by my computer for some time now: JSA 80-Page Giant 2010, featuring stories from Marc Andreyko, Brandon Jerwa, Freddie Williams II, and more; with art by Leandro Fernandez, Jesus Merino, Victor Ibanez, and more. Bill Sienkiewicz inks Mike Norton's pencils in the first story, but a lot of the artists ink and even color themselves in this one.

I had a hard time working up to this one, since I spent a lot of time wondering if there is any consensus between what JSA fans and what JSA writers want. As a book, should JSA be all about the old guard--Alan, Jay, Carter, Ted, and so forth? Should it be a period book? Or should it be about the old guard's interaction with new, young heroes like Power Girl or Stargirl? Of course, those two have been with the team so long they're not the rookies anymore; which means bringing in a new batch of newbies, but the old guys never leave, so the team roster gets more and more unruly.

So, this issue features Obsidian recapping his origin as part of a petition to adopt a child; Jesse Quick versus a mind-controlling abusive husband, Mr. Terrific finds the man that killed his wife, Cyclone discovers a new power that tells her more than she wants to hear, Sand tries to make his vision of shooting a cop not come true, the Wildcats bond after fighting the aged King Inferno, and Dr. Fate blames himself for losing a patient. I kinda liked the Cyclone one, actually; and if you're a fan of a particular character, it's always nice to see them get the spotlight, but there's nothing earth-shaking in this one.

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