Monday, March 19, 2012

There's really only one way to vote, here.

Comics Should Be Good is holding their fourth annual DC/Marvel Character Tournament, and in the second round of the Gotham City bracket Nightcrawler faces Hal Jordan! There is, of course, only one choice.

Vote Nightcrawler, of course. If you vote tonight or I think tomorrow, you can push Kurt through to the next round! Ooh, some readers are not going to like this one...


SallyP said...

Of course Hal wore the mask as the Spectre. Masks are just comfy.

And you know I love Kurt...but still...HAL!

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah Hal all the friggn' way! But funny as hell skit! I guess you can have Hal call Kurt out on the time he went with the all soccer-player look in Exclaibur during the late 90's, or his Errol Flynn inspired look during his 1st mini. And yes Hal was trying to hide his secret identity from God. And look, it worked since he's back to the way he was before ET.