Friday, July 06, 2012

Over the weekend, among other books, I got a set of Harley & Ivy #1-3, script and plot by Paul Dini, plot and art by Bruce Timm, inks by Shane Glines; and this set was autographed by letterer Tom Orzechowski! Orzechowski has lettered about a bazillion comics, including about 6,000 pages of Chris Claremont's X-Men work.
This was from 2004, and I'm kind of wondering how I missed it, since I love Dini and Timm's Batman: the Animated Series work; and it's a lot of fun. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are best friends, even though they're nothing alike, don't get along that well, and probably shouldn't hang out. The "Odd Couple" dynamic is nothing new, but they make it look effortless.

Harley and Ivy try to steal a "Zombie Root" on display in Gotham, but Harley gets the nights wrong, and they run afoul of Batman. Thrown in Arkham, Ivy is blisteringly furious with Harls; but this sets events into motion: in short order, they escape, steal a cruise ship, make their way to South America to find the root, and end up in Hollywood to commandeer production of a movie about themselves.

A lot of fun; the only way this could be better is if it were longer.

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Dale Bagwell said...

They always were an entertaining but highly unlikely team. Like you said, they really were an odd couple, but they worked. And that's all due to the strength of writing of Paul Dini, and the art of Bruce Timm that just sold Dini's scripts beautifully.

If not for that fucking reboot, it'd be nice to see them team-up again.

Have a good weekend man!