Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The title's at the end of this one...

Hmm. Goldmember didn't pop up first in the list of movies Michael Caine was known for. (The Oldest was watching the Austin Powers movies last month, and I think I made it through about an hour.) Goldmember isn't the best of the Austin Powers movies, but "Daddy Wasn't There" was a pretty good number.

Dale, of Mr. Morbid's House of Fun fame, hooked me up with the Movie Masters Alfred figure, and thanks again! Now I have someone to do all of Batman's prep work, cooking, and light cleaning! I'll own up to this little confession as well: Dale shipped it UPS, and I'm not home when they come around, nor have I trained that dog to sign for packages yet. So, I called and told them I'd pick it up...then wrote the address down wrong and ended up first on a dirt road in the country, then a gated community, before finally getting to the UPS hub. In fact, I'm not sure I would've found it if I hadn't seen a UPS can make things a lot more exciting for yourself if you're kind of dumb, man. It was a nice drive, and I ended up going to Toys R Us and everything too.

Although I don't think I've posted any of them yet, I've been scanning some Batcave panels. Someone, not me, needs to set up some kind of online resource for building a DCUC scale Batcave. How big is the giant penny in-scale? Or the dinosaur? Or the Joker card and everything else? I'm still looking into that, but who knows how far I'm going to get on it...actually, I know we'll look more into that, it's scheduled for some other time.

BATMAN: Alfred, I'm going to need complete plans to the Davis Building downtown, ISBN info for every children's riddle book published in 1987, samples of all the major brands of insecticide...and I might need you to take a look at this stab wound. Man, it's a bleeder.

ALFRED: Of course, sir; but there's something I need to tell you first. It's about a secret, one I've kept for far too long.
BATS: Is it about my secret brother? I'm way ahead of you, 'cause I think he's the guy that stabbed me...

ALFRED: No, sir. It's about my son. He found me, and he's here for a visit...
BATS: What? Alfred, I didn't even know you had a son!
ALFRED: Yes, well, I like to keep my personal and private lives separate, sir.

BATS: Uh...ok...
ALFRED: There's something else, sir: he knows you're Batman.
BATS: Wha--how? Did you--!?
ALFRED: No, sir. He's in British intelligence, just like I was. I don't know if he's at my level, but he's no slouch. He's been...touring the cave all afternoon.

AUSTIN: Hey, baby! I think you've got it, wrong, man: you're supposed to build a swinging pad to lure birds, baby; not bats!

AUSTIN: Hey, is that a giant penny? I thought Fat Bastard had the biggest coin slot in the world!

BATS: ...
ALFRED: Yeah, I don't like it anymore than you do.


Dale Bagwell said...

Now that sir, was fucking funny! Can I say fucking? Well tough titties said the kitty, 'cause I just did:)

You got me with the Austin Powers reveal; did not see that coming man.

And you're very welcome. Glad to help a fellow brother in this crazy hobby of ours.

And hell yeah, scans of cities and environmental scenes for heroes would be freaking sweet. Now that my scanner is up and running, I may have to do this as well.

SallyP said...