Monday, July 16, 2012

From 2003, Marvel Double Shot #2, "The Roots of All Evil" Story and art by Bill Morrison, best known as co-founder of Bongo Comics.
When Loki swears vengeance on Thor (again...) the Enchantress is mildly concerned that he may actually do it someday, so she puts the idea in his head to revisit his roots, as God of Mischief. Inspired, Loki turns to pranksterism, putting hair-removal cream in Thor's helmet. But, after flushing the toilet while the Falcon's in the shower, Loki decides why stop with just Thor?
In short order, Iron Man's armor is filled with fire ants, Cap's shield is vasolined, the Scarlet Witch is dyed scarlet, and more. Unfortunately, Loki didn't take Jarvis into account, or a well-placed inflated sheep's bladder. (The Black Knight would have to "put aside his craving for haggis one more day.")


SallyP said...

Now THIS is how Loki should be written!

Dale Bagwell said...

Here, here. This really is the best Loki's been written in a long while:)