Wednesday, July 25, 2012

(Not a) Review: Dinner Jacket Venom!

Sometimes, a figure just comes out of nowhere and grabs your heart. In a good way. In this case, he comes from Toy Biz, a few years back, and China: Dinner Jacket Venom!
OK, that's not the figure's proper name, but it might as well be: although I picked this one up loose on eBay, I had the devil's own time finding any info on him online. Here's a link to a packaged but out-of-stock one: aw, he came with a little helmet to go with his Venom-chopper! Here's one that's in-stock--too rich for my blood, but the cycle is adorkable.

Although I'm going to insist on calling him Dinner Jacket Venom, it's more of a biker jacket, with a raised collar and visible zipper. On mine, I think the right thigh is either mispainted or maybe even the wrong piece--he should apparently have a solid white patch on the inside thigh, and three white marks on the outer thigh. Not a dealbreaker for me. DJ Venom (spinning all-trance every Friday) isn't as muscular as some Venom figures have been--he's not as roided-out as Todd McFarlane used to draw him, then. While he doesn't have some of the traditional Legends articulation--no chest or ankle points--he's got at least fifteen points, including ball-jointed hips, shoulders, and neck.
I think I was comparing this Venom to the current, Flash Thompson version: not really close, no. I don't think even the addition of gunbelts would do it. But for some reason, he just struck me as fun.


Dale Bagwell said...

Yes! Finally we(and I) get to see what the big fuss was all about with with this guy. I like him. He's definitely an odd choice for an action figure. But the dinner jacket moniker does seem to fit him. I imagine that must be what a nice dinner jacket looks like for a biker:)
Kind of like how Denim is considered a Canadian Tuxedo in..well Canada(Thank you Super Troopers!)

In fact he looks like he's gearing up to go to Ghost Rider's wedding or something.

Nice collection of Venoms and black spider-men. I know the one with the blue paint shading is either the Marvel Select version or a repainted ML Spidey figure. Who are they all anyways?

googum said...

I was going to say, I didn't think I was a big Venom fan, yet here we are. I think most of them are from various Spider-Man waves. Two of the black Spideys are from the really early Toy Biz series, and one's from the Red Hulk Hasbro wave.

That old, blackish-blue Venom--man, the scale and articulation on him is dated as hell. There has to be a better Brock Venom out there. You'd think.