Monday, April 22, 2013

Dark Knight vs. Dark Knight!

Has anyone else done this yet? I got the new DC Unlimited Dark Knight Returns Batman the other day; so I thought I'd get out and dust off the classic DC Direct Dark Knight Returns Batman. (Incidentally, the DC Direct Amazon sales page appears to have a picture of the modern Mattel one on it, so be careful!)

DCD's old joints are a little loose, so he had a bit of trouble holding some poses, but he's not particularly articulated anyway. Elbows, knees, hips, shoulders, glovetops, and neck for a total of eleven points. On my figure, the right glovetop is stuck and I don't think it'll move, and there's a slight white mark on the underside of his nose. Still, the paint is great otherwise: the mask line is cleaner on the DCD version than the Mattel one.

In the same vein, my DC Unlimited DKR Bats had a bit of excess mold trim on one of his hands, but it cleaned right off. He's got ball-jointed head and shoulders; cut biceps, wrists, waist, boot-tops, and hinge elbows, torso, knees, ankles, and swivel-hinge hips. Nineteen points, then.

DCD DKR Batman comes with a piece of a street base that would attach with the other figures in the line (Carrie Kelly Robin, Superman, and Joker; all in Frank Miller's style) and a batarang with a rope. Mattel's only comes with a Batarang.

Although the DC Direct version has been out for a few years, it's also been reissued a few times; so it's not hard to find. The Mattel one is new, and should be more available soon.

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