Friday, April 19, 2013


If you collect action figures, there are some characters you're just bound to get multiple figures of: your Optimus Primes, Snake-Eyes, Luke Skywalkers. For superhero collectors, it's Batmen and Spider-Men; or in recent years Green Lanterns and Iron Men. I usually try to get new characters, or at least ones that might not have had a modern figure. Out of the 34 figures I've bought so far this year, nineteen were new characters to my collection, or substantial updates. And two were Batman...this preamble is just me trying to sort out how I ended up with three Jonah Hex figures. Three different ones, but still.

The DCUC Jonah was loose from eBay, $5+$6.50 postage, March 2011. The earlier DC Direct version was $15.99 from the Comic Book Shop, and I got him July 2008. While I found him this month, the movie figure from NECA is from 2010, which might explain why it was $2.99 at Hastings. I haven't opened him yet, just because I've been wrapped up in some business. We'll see...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Wow, just from looking at all three figures, the DCUC one is by far, far superior to the others. Plus at least the DCUC one never had to witness the abomination that was that Hex movie, so go him right?;)

Methinks that NECA movie figure that's still in the package should stay that way as a reminder to us all;)