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I'm not sure about the hands on that figure, but otherwise I like Protector; even though I've never read a comic with him. As the Protector, anyway: he's Noh-Varr, the Marvel Boy of Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones' 2000 series. How he ended up as "Protector," and on the Avengers, I'm not sure; but apparently he betrayed them during the Phoenix thing. Which doesn't make a lot of sense either...

Hyperion is on the Avengers now as well; although after looking it up, he isn't the same as any previously seen version of the character. Fine. I think I maybe get what current Avengers writer Jonathan Hickman is trying to do with new Hyperion, Captain Universe, and Smasher characters, and the return of the Star Brand and Nightmask; but I'm not sold on it. For whatever reason, when I heard the Star Brand described as a "planetary defense mechanism" it reminded me of Earth X.

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

So wait, you don't know how Noh-Var came to be Protector and betrayed the team, yet you know about Starbrand being a Planetary Defense Mechanism?
That's weird.

Ok right quick, Noh-Var just suddenly became the Protector due to Bendis wanting to rename him that, oh and this:
In Dark Avengers Annual #1, a holographic message sent by the Supreme Intelligence tells Noh-Varr that the actions of the Skrulls during Secret Invasion have left Earth in more danger than ever before and that Noh-Varr is the planet's new protector. The Supreme Intelligence then grants him the power needed to carry out his mission in the form of a set of Nega-Bands, more advanced than the ones worn by Captain Marvel. The bands also provide him with a new costume and prevent the Dark Avengers from detecting his presence. After finding Annie and thanking her for her help, he teleports away. Unbeknown to Noh-Varr however, he was being observed by Captain America (Bucky) and Steve Rogers, who are trying to determine if he could be a potential ally against Osborn.

Noh-Varr later appears as the new costumed hero, Protector, in the back matter of Ms. Marvel #50. Taking place after an undefined amount of time after the events of Dark Avengers Annual #1, Noh-Varr and Annie are seen traveling together. An unidentified female, wearing hi-tech battle armor, from the future has located Noh-Varr and time slips in to "test" Noh-Varr. Noh-Varr transforms into the Protector and battles the female. The female realizes she has met a younger and weaker Protector than expected and before killing the civilians is knocked aside by Protector. The now unmasked assailant is revealed to be an older Annie, telling Noh-Varr "it will all make sense...someday" before locking onto another Noh-Varr and time slipping out.

And here's why he betrayed the Avengers:

During the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, Noh-Varr locates a secret A.I.M. base. The Avengers assemble where they take out the base and arrest Monica Rappaccini and the rest of the A.I.M. scientists that escaped following Osborn's defeat. After the battle, Noh-Varr checks in with the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree Empire who informs him of the coming Phoenix force and orders him to intercept and contain it at all cost... even if means eliminating his Avenger teammates.[17] In space, after the Avengers fail to stop the Phoenix, Noh-Varr analyzes the reason for their failure and discovers that Thor's Mjolnir hammer can injure and absorb the Phoenix's essence. Before the team can celebrate, Noh-Varr declares that he will take the collected energy back to the Kree.[18] While the Avengers wake up in their spaceship heading to a sun and try to escape death, Noh-Varr takes the Phoenix energy to the Supreme Intelligence. However, the Supreme Intelligence declares that the energy will not be used to save Earth. Noh-Varr turns against the Supreme Intelligence and escapes with the energy. The Avengers meet him, take the energy, and declare him an enemy of the team telling him never to return to Earth. Noh-Varr is left in Hala running for his life from the Kree.

See, isn't Wikipedia a lifesaver?;)

Funny skit though.