Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Bar Scene."

The Walgreens exclusive Agent: Venom isn't bad, and it's starting to turn up in bigger numbers; if you have a hankering for him or multiple Walgreens in your area. Like I do! Got the white prototype Boba Fett yesterday, too.


Dale Bagwell said...

Well I definitely enjoyed this one.
So you have that Ronan figure huh?
Is he any decent?

Rocket's definitely got a point about earthling alcoholics. Too true. We really do.

Jealous of all those bottles man.
Alcoholics indeed;)

Finally, what's up w/ Quill? Is there a story there, or was it random.........happenstance? Lol. Had to use that.

SallyP said...

Oh this...this is going to be epic!

googum said...

Every time we see Quill, it's right after Rocket's gone off about how earth and anything from it sucks. He seems to be taking it personally...

You'll see Ronan in a bit, but I think I like him better than the Fantastic Four from that series! The Thing was undersized, the Torch has Goku's hair, Reed's all stretched out, and Sue has not my favorite of her costumes.