Sunday, May 24, 2015

Probably my third-favorite Matthew Sweet song, but here we are.

The other day, I was finishing up on a box of blogged comics...I don't categorize them like that, that makes them sound spent, or like empties; but I won't necessarily open that box again very soon either. And it occurred to me that I had a small pile of stuff that was lying around but didn't need to be, so I put it all in a box and marked it "Do Not Open until May 2020!" That's a future-sounding year there!

That NECA Batman '89 that came with the Blu-Ray--oh, let's be honest, that's the other way around--was the first item for the capsule, since I bought a spare to keep in package. The Blu-Ray sure as fun isn't going to appreciate any; but if NECA manages to put any other DC Movie figures out (like a Chris Reeves Superman, please please please!) there may be some demand for this one. Or, as my wife pointed out, I may break the one I opened, so in five years I'll have another! Either way is fine by me.

The Magic: the Gathering girls were $2 each at a local Barnes & Noble. I paid more for them a month or so earlier and opened them, but they were still pretty cheap. Full disclosure: I did absolutely shatter one of Liliana's elbow joints, but hobbled it back together with a toothpick. The Walgreens exclusive Agent Venom was bought out of genuine curiosity: I wonder if it'll be in any sort of demand in five years, or will he have been forgotten? There were still a couple of him available, although the price hadn't gone down.

The Guardians of the Galaxy two-pack and the Legos were clearance buys, at various stores and different times; and I probably kept ones to open or give away as well. So were the Spongebob kitchen sponges, we'll see what condition those are in after five years. Same for the Bat-signal pen: I have multiples of those floating around; but am kicking myself for passing on the dumb Superman-signal one! Then a couple Kre-O G.I. Joes and a Transformer; which I'm assuming I didn't open because I realized I already had them from the decoder.

I threw in that Secret Wars #1 variant I won from Hastings, and two issues of the Transformers Dark Cybertron crossover...I actually have more issues of More Than Meets the Eye I could probably throw in there, since I've accidentally bought multiples on more than one occasion. Friggin' variant covers...Right now I wonder if Secret Wars will be looked up fondly in five years, or if it will be just another event like Fear Itself or Siege: remembered as a thing that happened, but little else.

I'm not expecting any of this stuff to be worth big cash money in five years...or fifty. But I'm curious to see if any of it is in huge demand, or remembered at all, or reviled. Today's post also marks nine years of Random Happenstance! Wouldn't have bet the farm on that one. I'm hoping to keep flogging away at it as long as I can.

Oh, and my favorite Matthew Sweet song is the first three minutes of "Sick of Myself." It would be perfect if it quit there, but over-eggs things by riffing further.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

That's some pretty cool shit to to throw in your time capsule. 5 years though huh? I guess making it 10 might be too long a wait.

I could be wrong, but depending on the changes to the status quo for the MU, I'm not 100% sure it'll be remembered fondly in the same vain as the original, or even just by its own merit. It depends really how lasting and sweeping these new changes are.

Happy 9th Anniversary though man. Again, your blog and similar figure-oriented sites like the little captions from, really helped make it okay for me to justify doing what I do myself. Here's to many, many more anniversaries man.

googum said...

Y'know, I wanted to finally do "Secret War Reunion Barbeque," with the Memorial Whiteboard of who's dead this year; but I ran out of time and was missing some key characters. I needed a decent Colossus, for a horribly uncomfortable and inappropriate scene with the Human Torch; and to cobble something together for an old man Cap. Plus I'm short a couple key characters like a good Storm or Rogue.

Have you seen over at Bleeding Cool, the Secret Wars merch minus the non-Marvel movie characters? Like the Secret Wars #1 cover without the FF or X-Men, guys like Dr. Strange pasted in. Badly; it would almost be understandable if it didn't look like crap.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Ha! Dude, you should do it anyways. Shit, I'm usually not always timely about stuff like that either, but yeah, I'd like to how that would go over, especially in light of the 2015 version. Don't have Storm or Rogue? No problem, they're off-panel;)

I did, and it was horrible. It looks like the kind of rush job I might be inclinded to to do...if I absolutely didn;t give a shit. Horrible how bad all X-Men and FF characters are getting shafted so hard this year in the merch department. Worst of all? Yup, you guessed it; The figures:(